Hi Guys!


So its been a month and sad to say in that time there have been 3 self harm relapses. No matter, I’ve bounced back stronger and about a week ago I did something brave, really brave.

I took my doctors advice and completed an online self referral form to my local mental health specialists. They called late Friday afternoon and we had a chat on the phone about various things like what did I specifically want help for etc. We briefly talked about the methods I used to self harm and he said he’d get me an assessment from CAMHS so I’m expecting that through over the next week. Then we’ll see what happens from there! He seems to think CBT is the best way forward.

The good news is I can attend that assessment alone! However I do get I will need to go over this with my mum at least but I’m not sure how. I think I’ll wait until I have the letter then we can sit down and go over it. I’m just unsure as to how much detail to go into….I don’t want her to think I’m nuts again. But saying that we have been getting on a lot better lately which is a plus!

Aw Heck, you know what I’m just going to come out with it when the letter comes, all secrets come out in the end so it’s better it comes from me right?

I’m scared I’ll admit but its time to get the mess that is my head sorted out now, its been going on too long.


Anyway that’s all from me for now! Remember I’m here for all of you:


Love to all of you,

The Listener xxx

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