My Apology… and a thank you

Hi Guys,

I just want to apologise for my lack of posting lately. I’ve got really low recently and just haven’t been motivated to do anything.

I’m hopefully going to see my Doctor next week so she should be able to help out.

Also I decided to take an autism test as my sister severely has it along with additional needs and I’ve often been told I might have it. So I took the test and it came back with there being an 86% chance of me having it to a moderate extent  so that’s a bundle of laughs – need to get that checked out too.

I’ve been self harming a lot more recently too which isn’t ideal, it being summer and all but there you go

There is one thing keeping me going – my semi colon

I have a semi colon drawn on the inside of my wrist in permanent marker – for those who don’t know the significance of this look up the Semi Colon Project – I’ll be writing a post about them soon along with a few other things I have in the pipeline.

So I just want to apologise again and also thank you all for sticking with me so far and remember – I’m hear to listen, tell me your struggles and problems and even if I can physically do nothing you’ll have my full support (

Lots of love to you all 🙂

~ The Listener

2 thoughts on “My Apology… and a thank you

  1. Reblogged this on davesoapbox and commented:
    There is no need to apologise, just know that there is a community that loves you #mhfriends and always there to listen, hope you stay strong. David


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